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Result overview date : 04/2019

Sport Country Country search League newest Result
Volleyball Results Sweden Sweden Elitserien 03/02/19   Hylte Halmstad VBK - Vingåkers VK
Volleyball Sweden --- Elit A 11/03/07   Hylte - Vingåker
Volleyball Sweden --- Elit B 11/03/07   Örkelljunga VK - Linköpings VC
Volleyball Sweden --- Elitserien Play offs 13/04/19   Hylte Halmstad VBK - Falkenbergs VBK
Volleyball Sweden --- Elitserien Damer 03/02/19   Engelholms VS - Linköpings VC Damer
Volleyball Sweden --- Elitserien Damer Playoff 16/04/19   Hylte Halmstad VBK - Örebro VBS
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Södra Damer 16/12/12   Engelholms VS B - KFUK-KFUM IA Göteborg
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Mellersta ---
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Norra Damer ---
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Mellersta Damer ---
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Norra 15/12/12   Bromma KFUK-KFUM - Jomala IK
Volleyball Sweden --- Superettan Södra ---
Volleyball Sweden --- Elitserien Qualification 10/03/19   Lunds VBK - Vingåkers VK
Volleyball Results Italy Italy Serie A 24/03/19   Calzedonia Verona - Modena Volley
Volleyball Italy --- Serie A Play Offs 19/04/19   Modena Volley - Sir Safety Perugia
Volleyball Italy --- Serie A Femminile 30/03/19   Bosca San Bernardo Cuneo - Club Italia
Volleyball Italy --- Serie A Femminile Playoffs 18/04/19   Savino Del Bene Scandicci - Igor Gorgonzola Novara
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai 27/03/16   Club Italia Roma - Aurispa Alessano
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai Play Offs 18/04/19   Gas Sales Piacenza - Monini Spoleto
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai White 30/03/19   BCC Leverano - Aurispa Alessano
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai Blue 31/03/19   Pag Taviano volley - Volley MB Catania
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai Blue Winner Stage 20/03/17   Conad Reggio Emilia - Sigma Aversa
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai Loser Stage 01/04/17   Cassa Rurale Cantu - Volley Potentino Potenza Picena
Volleyball Italy --- Seria A2 UnipolSai Play out 18/04/19   Volley Potentino Potenza Picena - Videx Grottazzolina
Volleyball Italy --- SuperLega UnipolSai Playout 25/03/18   Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia - Biosì Sora
Volleyball Italy --- SuperLega UnipolSai 5th-12th Places 29/04/18   Tonazzo Padova - Vero Volley Monza
Volleyball Results France France League A Women 16/04/19   ASPTT Mulhouse - St-Raphael VVB
Volleyball France --- League A Men 13/04/19   Stade Poitevin VB - Nice
Volleyball France --- League A Men Play offs 19/04/19   Chaumont VB52 - Montpellier AVUC
Volleyball France --- League A Women Play offs 05/05/18   Beziers Angels - RC Cannes
Volleyball Results Germany Germany Bundesliga 23/03/19   TV Rottenburg - WWK Volleys Herrsching
Volleyball Germany --- Bundesliga Women 23/03/19   Smart Allianz Stuttgart - SC Potsdam
Volleyball Germany --- Bundesliga Playoffs 17/04/19   VfB Friedrichshafen - SVG Lüneburg
Volleyball Germany --- Bundesliga Women Playoffs 18/04/19   Smart Allianz Stuttgart - L-B Aachen
Volleyball Germany --- Bundesliga Playouts 26/03/17   EnBW TV Rottenburg - TSG Solingen Volleys

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