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Result overview date : 01/2020

Sport Country Country search League newest Result
Tabletennis Results Sweden Sweden Elitserien damer Syd 27/11/10   Lekstorps IF - Dänningelanda BTK
Tabletennis Sweden --- Elitserien damer Nord 27/11/10   Storfors BTK - Ängby SK
Tabletennis Results International International Challenger Series 22/01/20   J. Vrablik - T. Tomaszuk
Tabletennis International --- Challenger Series Women 31/10/17   K. Franovic - I. Vasylieva
Tabletennis Results World Cup World Cup World Table Tennis Championships 28/04/19   L. Ma - M. Falck
Tabletennis Results Olympics Olympics Olympics Women Team 17/08/16   China - Deutschland
Tabletennis Olympics --- Olympics Singles Women 11/08/16   N. Ding - X. Li
Tabletennis Olympics --- Olympics Singles Men 12/08/16   L. Ma - J. Zhang
Tabletennis Olympics --- Olympics Men Team 18/08/16   China - Japan
Tabletennis Results Pro Tour Pro Tour Eurosib Russian Open 21/10/07   Q. Chen - P. Li
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- TMS Open - Singapore 08/06/08   V. Samsonov - L. Ma
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Volkswagen Open - Japan 16/06/19   X. Xu - Y. Lin
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Volkswagen Open - China 02/06/19   L. Ma - G. Lin
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Morocco Open Hassan II 30/06/13   R. Devos - A. Salifou
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- PANASONIC China Open 18/08/13   L. Ma - X. Xu
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR US Open 07/07/13   E. Wang - C. Yang
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Hungarian Open 20/01/19   C. Wang - G. Lin
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- English Open 30/01/11   L. Ma - Q. Chen
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- UAE Open 19/02/11   L. Ma - H. Wang
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Spanish Open 24/03/19   D. Qiu - Y. Zhai
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Brazilian Open 14/09/14   G. Tsuboi - D. Liu
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- STAG Belarus Open 03/11/19   E. Lebesson - Y. Uda
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR French Open 04/11/07   L. Ma - H. Wang
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Austrian Open 17/11/19   Z. Fan - Z. Zhao
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- ERKE German Open 13/10/19   X. Xu - Z. Fan
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Swedish Open 06/10/19   C. Wang - G. Lin
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Volkswagen Pro Tour Grand Finals 15/12/19   L. Ma - Z. Fan
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Slovenian Open 06/04/18   M. Oikawa - L. Pistej
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Croatian Open 18/05/19   A. Kallberg - K. Karlsson
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Qatar Open 31/03/19   L. Ma - G. Lin
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Kuwait International Open 20/03/16   L. Ma - J. Zhang
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Volkswagen Open - Singapore 10/09/06   C. Chuang - L. Ma
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Volkswagen Open - Hong Kong ---
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- LIEBHERR Polish Open 20/10/19   M. Badowski - Y. Xu
Tabletennis Pro Tour --- Indian Open 19/02/17   D. Ovtcharov - T. Harimoto

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