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Basketball Results Sweden Sweden Basketligan 17/02/18   Södertälje Kings - BC Luleå
Basketball Sweden --- Basketligan A2 22/10/02   Oskarshamn - Ockelbo BBK
Basketball Sweden --- Basketligan Playoff 10/05/17   BC Luleå - Södertälje Kings
Basketball Sweden --- Basketligan Pool A1 16/02/07   Öresundskraft - Jämtland Basket
Basketball Sweden --- Basketligan Pool A2 16/02/07   Ockelbo BBK - Akropol BBK
Basketball Sweden --- Damligan 18/02/18   AIK Basket Dam - Udominate Basket Umeå
Basketball Sweden --- Damligan Play-offs 26/04/17   Luleå Basket - Udominate Basket Umeå
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Norra Damer 17/12/17   BG Luleå - Hammarby Basket DAM
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Norra 18/02/18   KFUM Uppsala - KFUM Central
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Södra Damer 17/12/17   Lobas - SBBK Utveckling
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Södra 18/02/18   Brahe Basket - Helsingborg BBK
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Norra Fortsattningsserien 18/04/17   KFUM Central - KFUM Uppsala
Basketball Sweden --- Basketettan Soedra Fortsattningsserien 09/04/17   Huddinge BBK - Helsingborg BBK
Basketball Sweden --- Norra Damer Fortsattningsserien 18/02/18   Luleå Stars - KFUM Uppsala
Basketball Sweden --- Soedra Damer Fortsattningsserien 18/02/18   Huddinge Basket Dam - Oskarshamns BBK
Basketball Sweden --- Damligan Playout 08/04/17   Sallén Uppsala Basket - Högsbo Basket
Basketball Results Italy Italy Basketball Serie A 11/02/18   Pallacanestro Varese - Basket Brescia Leonessa
Basketball Italy --- Basketball Serie A Playoff 20/06/17   Dolomiti Energia Trento - Umana Reyer Venezia
Basketball Italy --- TIM Cup 18/02/18   FIAT Torino - Basket Brescia Leonessa
Basketball Italy --- DUE Lega 05/05/13   Aurora Basket Jesi - Pall. Acegas Aps Trieste
Basketball Italy --- DUE Lega Play Offs 10/06/15   PMS Basketball Torino - Fortitudo Agrigento
Basketball Italy --- Legadue Gold 19/04/15   Dinamica Mantova - Azzurro Napoli Basket 2013
Basketball Italy --- Legadue Silver 17/04/15   Givova Scafati Basket - Basket Recanati
Basketball Italy --- Legadue Gold Playoffs 06/06/14   Upea Capo D`Orlando - Dolomiti Energia Trento
Basketball Italy --- Legadue Silver Playoffs 15/06/14   Pallacanestro Dinamica Mantovana - Unione Cestistica Casalpusterlengo
Basketball Italy --- Seria A2 East 18/02/18   Amici Pallacanestro Udinese - Scaligera Basket Verona
Basketball Italy --- Seria A2 West 18/02/18   Derthona Basket Tortona - NPC Rieti
Basketball Italy --- Seria A2 Playoffs 15/06/17   Obiettivo Lavoro Bologna - Pallacanestro Trieste 2004
Basketball Italy --- Seria A2 Playouts 21/05/17   Fulgor Libertas Forli - Pallacanestro Chieti
Basketball Results Spain Spain ACB 11/02/18   Real Madrid - Iberostar Tenerife
Basketball Spain --- ACB Play Offs 16/06/17   Valencia Basket - Real Madrid
Basketball Spain --- Copa del Ray 18/02/18   Real Madrid - FC Barcelona Lassa
Basketball Spain --- Adecco Oro 18/02/18   Barcelona Lassa B - ICL Manresa
Basketball Spain --- Adecco Oro Playoffs 09/06/17   Quesos Cerrato Palencia - San Pablo Inmobiliaria Burgos
Basketball Spain --- Liga Femenina 18/02/18   Lacturale Araski - Universitario Ferrol

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