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Result overview date : 05/2024

Sport Country Country search League newest Result
Bandy Results Sweden Sweden Allsvenskan South ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Norra ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Mitt ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Soedra 10/02/24   Västerås SK U - Uppsala BoIS U
Bandy Sweden --- Damelit 10/02/24   Västerås SK Dam - Uppsala BoIS A
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Norra Fortsaettningsserien ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Soedra Fortsaettningsserien ---
Bandy Sweden --- Allsvenskan Qualification Group A 08/03/24   Gustavsbergs IF BK - Borlänge Bandy
Bandy Sweden --- Allsvenskan ---
Bandy Sweden --- Allsvenskan Qualification Group B 08/03/24   SK Höjden - Mölndal Bandy
Bandy Sweden --- Division 1 Norra Damer ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan ---
Bandy Sweden --- Allsvenskan Mellersta ---
Bandy Sweden --- Elitserien Qualification Group South ---
Bandy Sweden --- Elitserien ---
Bandy Sweden --- Allsvenskan North ---
Bandy Sweden --- Elitserien Play off 16/03/24   Villa Lidköping BK - Västerås SK
Bandy Sweden --- Qualification North Allsvenskan ---
Bandy Sweden --- Qualification Allsvenskan ---
Bandy Sweden --- Superallsvenskan ---
Bandy Sweden --- Damallsvenskan Play offs 16/03/24   Villa Lidköping BK Dam - Västerås SK Dam
Bandy Sweden --- Qualification Elitserien 08/03/24   Ljusdals BK - IFK Motala
Bandy Sweden --- Division 1 Södra Damer ---
Bandy Sweden --- Elitserien Qualification Group North ---
Bandy Results Norway Norway Eliteserien Playoffs 09/03/24   Drammen Bandy - Stabæk Bandy
Bandy Norway --- Eliteserien ---
Bandy Results Finland Finland Ylempi Jatkosarja ---
Bandy Finland --- Alempi Jatkosarja ---
Bandy Finland --- Bandyliiga 18/02/24   Veiterä - JPS
Bandy Finland --- Bandyliiga Playoffs 16/03/24   Veiterä - Akilles
Bandy Results International International International Friendlies ---
Bandy International --- Champions Cup Final Stage ---
Bandy International --- Champions Cup Group A ---
Bandy International --- World Cup Group A ---
Bandy International --- Sparbanks Cupen Group B ---

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